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What is Osteopathy?  

The concept of how osteopathy works is very easily misunderstood so we hope that what follows may enlighten yours views on this most remarkable medical science.

If a machine is put together correctly then it will work correctly.  The same applies to the human body: if the structure of the body is correct then it will function correctly.  This is a very simplistic view as the body is much more than a mere machine but it is a useful analogy.  An osteopath is someone who sorts out the structural problems of the body so that it can function properly. Given the right conditions, the human body will, in general, repair itself: a cut will close up, a broken bone mend, a bruise will heal.  The osteopath helps to create the right conditions for repair by making sure that the body structure is sound.

But I thought osteopaths only treated backache!
A commonly held view, but totally inaccurate!  Yes, osteopaths do treat people with back  problems, but that is only a small part of the scope of osteopathy.

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