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Could you give an example of how osteopathy works?
Yes. Say a patient comes to see an osteopath complaining of asthma, (a partial obstruction to the flow of air in the pathways of the chest). The osteopath would work on the mobility of the ribs and spine and the tone of the muscles around the chest and neck and so improve the way in which the lungs work. As the condition improves and in conjunction with the patients GP, medication could then be reduced. (Other factors such as allergies would also be investigated to encourage further improvement).

But I'm told that my X-rays show a lot of wear and tear. Can anything be done?
Generally, yes. It is often a case of helping the body to work at its full potential. Just because a joint shows some wear does not mean that it is totally useless. Gentle work on the tissues around a joint will often relieve pain and improve mobility.

Do I need to be referred by a doctor or consultant?
No. Although an increasing number of medical practitioners are sending patients to Osteopaths since a change of ruling from the General Medical Council in 1977, and especially since the passing of the Osteopaths Bill in 1993 which brought Osteopathy under statutory regulation.

Is Osteopathy recognised by private medical insurance companies?
Most insurance companies now cover osteopathic treatment especially after being referred by your GP or consultant.

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